How to Clean your Energy: Smudging Instructions and Benefits

 Sage comes from the Salvia family and the literal meaning of sage is to heal. Other than the metaphysical uses of smudging, it has positive effects on your physical, emotional, and mental well-being as well.

Medicinal smokes, for example, sage have multiple antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. They can help a person’s mood and help them in sleeping better.

Native Americans use sage to cleanse negativity and for longevity.


The Practice of Smudging

The practice of burning sage is very sacred to some communities. It requires intention, gratitude, and reverence. So, if you are buying sage as a non-native, you should get it from some indigenous company. This will allow you to support the communities of origination too.

If this is your first-time practicing smudging, you should have some items to get started. Abalone shell is used to hold sage, then a feather fan, and then the smoke is spread around the space once it starts burning.

Moreover, if you are allergic to smoke, you can get cleansing smudge mists for yourself.


Benefits of Smudging

Smudging has the following potential benefits

  • It boosts cognition
  • It improves sleep
  • It can improve your mood and help in distressing
  • It cleanses and empowers certain objects
  • It eliminates negative energy
  • It purifies and is a spiritual tool


How can you sage your house to get rid of negative energy?

Tool Gathering and Exit Strategy

Make sure you have all the handy tools, which are, a vessel for burning it, sage, source of fire, and a fanning tool. Next, make sure that the windows are open when you are smudging. The smoke needs to get out of the house with the negativity.

Mantra and Intention

Intentions are very important when it comes to the practice of smudging. Take a moment before lighting the sage and know what you are trying to cleanse from your space. After doing that, think of a prayer of mantra and repeat it during smudging. This practice will help you in encapsulating the intentions.

Light it Up

When you are ready, hold the sage at a 45-degree angle and light it with the help of your matchstick just like a candle. You can let it burn for 20 seconds. Gently blow the flame out after that till you see orange embers on one end. The smoke will cloud after that.

Walk Around

You need to walk around the house and allow the smoke to waft all over. Guide the smoke and the negative energy out of the windows and let it all escape.

Give more attention to mirrors, corners, hallways, and doorways. Hold the sage around them and wave it.

Safety First

Always be around the sage when you are smudging it. If you see any embers falling on the ground, tamp them right away. Don’t let the burning sage stay unattended, no matter what. Moreover, be careful, do not inhale a lot of smoke.

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