Healing Bracelets: How to Choose one for you?

Crystal healing has been known for decades. From Jade in the art of Chinese medicine to Amethyst for a deeper connection with the gods, these naturally occurring stones heal the body and mind. 

Today, crystals and rare stones are used to make healing bracelets or ornamental jewelry.

However, if bracelets aren’t your thing, you can also keep a raw stone in your pocket for good luck. The idea is to always have a healing stone with yourself; so, you are protected and assisted at every step.


How to choose a healing bracelet? 

Multiple things can help you decide which healing bracelet would be best for you. Whether it is targeting your spirituality or matching your outfit, it’s your decision to make.

Choose the one that your soul is drawn to 

Your mood and your inner desires can attract you to the right bracelet. You just need to listen to yourself.

Our bodies intuitively connect to natural elements, for example we are drawn to certain color and crystals when we need them the most. Healing bracelets work in the same way.

Choose the right stone for yourself by looking at a bowl of gemstones. If you don’t have access to one, look for a photo with crystals or even colors. Is there any specific color that catches your eye?

Look for a crystal that goes with the color. If dark hues spark joy in your mind, an agate or a lava stone would be perfect.


Know your intentions

We all have those days when we know exactly what our mind wants. It could either be our daily routine schedule or a goal that we wish to accomplish. No matter what they are, positive energy is the main driving force.

Healing bracelets with gems and crystals work in similar ways by drawing elemental relationship with the sun, earth, water, and air. The crystal bracelets magnetize these properties and balance them with nature.

 The following are some intentions that may help you in getting a healing bracelet to fulfill them.


Citrine stones depict happiness. They mirror citrus fruits and the sun, feeding positivity.


Jade and Amethyst bring energy towards the user, harvesting self-confidence and courage. The red tiger eye draws a fortress around your intention, providing you with protection.


Pearls symbolize love. The strands symbolize self-love and hugs from people that matter to you.


It reminds you that your thoughts are good and makes distractions go away.


Everything that you do in life requires passion and dedication. Garnets helps you in knowing your dreams and balance the with the possibilities.


If it is your zodiac season or birthday month, you can celebrate yourself by wearing your birthstone. There are a lot of healing bracelets that are made of birthstones, feeding your natal impulses.


Final Verdict

Your wrist is a delicate part of your body, but the bones and muscles are strong. You should acknowledge the strength of this part of your body.

Healing bracelets are perfect when it comes to adorning your wrist and tapping into your mind and body’s portal. The choices are endless, with multiple possibilities.

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